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Condor Series 415U-2 Long-range Wireless I/O and Gateway

The Condor Series I/O Gateway variant improves on the 415U-2 product line by significantly increasing the data throughput to an industry-leading 140kbps at 25kHz channel in licensed applications (with compression). The Condor Series products come in two easy-to-select frequency bands: 340MHz – 400MHz and 400MHz – 480Mhz, up to 10W transmit power, an improved configuration software for seamless network setups, and advanced cybersecurity features that meet the most stringent standards.

The ELPRO 415U-2 wireless networking I/O and gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. Designed with a long range, license or license-free wireless transceiver, the 415U-2 can provide IP-based networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications. Available in a wide range of frequencies from 360MHz – 512MHz.

The 415U-2 introduces ELPRO’s newest combined I/O and modem platform that sets the stage for future product developments. This unique capability allows customers to inexpensively gather I/O data from remote locations without the need of a full RTU/PLC. When a remote site does have an RTU, the customer can use a 450U-E Ethernet radio and implement in the same network as the 415U-2 I/O radios to accomplish a seamless solution for connectivity of devices.




• Water and wastewater: flows, levels, pumps

• Renewables—solar farms, wind turbines, hydro

• Irrigation: slew gate controls, levels

• Oil and gas networks: gas well production, lift pump

• Environmental: storm warning, smoke stacks, filters

• Mining infrastructure: conveyor, re-claimer, pumps



• Exceeding 140 kbps data throughput (25 kHz channel and compression)

• Secure data protection with WPA and AES256 encryption

• Full Ethernet protocol over the air provides a standards-based flexibility to support future and legacy devices

• ProMesh automatic path selection and network formation

• Internal Web dashboard for immediate view of local I/O

• Supports multiple data rates simultaneously for high performance over short and long communication links

• Frequency agility roaming provides reliability and flexibility within the network architecture

• Over-the-air context-based data compression and forward error correction provides maximum reliability and transmission efficiency

• Redundancy modes for base, repeater, and remote

• Wireless point-to-point or multipoint I/O and gateway functionality

• Modbus TCP and RTU I/O gateway

• DNP3 I/O gateway, including internal status registers

• Standard Ethernet bridge default to allow modem function for external Ethernet host devices (full L2/L3 network support)

• 140–480 MHz frequency range

• 10 mW to 10 W RF power configurable, license or license-free

• Software configurable wireless channel bandwidth supporting 6.25, 12.5, 25.0 kHz

• Integrated digital, pulse, and analogue I/O

• Gather-scatter/block mapping and integrity checking transmissions for efficient event triggered peer-to-peer I/O

• Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration

• Expandable I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs


Spotcom Catalog Numbers: 

ELR29                      EL-415U-2-C3 Condor             I/O = (8)DI/O + (4)AI + (2)AO + (4)PI/O

ELR30                      EL-415U-2-C4 Condor             I/O = (8)DI/O + (4)AI + (2)AO + (4)PI/O

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