Wireless Input/Output (I/O)

Wireless I/O, or Radio Telemetry, is a method of transmitting information over wireless links. Signals such as switch status or analog signals can be transmitted from a remote location to a monitoring or control system. Simple, Robust and Reliable.


Wireless I/O connects directly to analog, discrete and pulse transducer signals. The signals are transmitted by radio using ELPRO’s intelligent wireless protocol. The signals are either re-created as output signals, or output via serial link or field-bus.


GSM/GPRS Modems & Routers

GSM/GPRS Modems and Routers are a perfect complement to ELPRO wireless solutions, allowing customers to remotely access their networks and is a perfect tool for troubleshooting and diagnosing network health.

The perfect solution for remote monitoring and control of critical customer assets, using reliable and proven cellular network technology.


Wireless Ethernet Devices

ELPRO’s Wireless Modem offering comprises of Wireless Ethernet, Serial and Cellular modems.


The ELPRO modem suite allows you to connect your RTU, PLC or other databus device and communicate securely as either a point to point, point to multipoint right up to large infrastructure networks.


ELPRO’s flexible design provides opportunity to scale systems with ease.

Survey Kit.jpg

Site Survey Equipment

Custom made to customers requirements.

Primarily using the 455U-D, Available Frequencies:

60, 150, 220, 360–512 MHz, Licenced/Licence Free

(Up to 5W RF power option availability)


805U-D, Available Frequencies:



Wireless Serial Modems

ELPRO wireless serial modems allow RS232 and/or RS485 serial host devices to communicate transparently.


Messages are routed between devices as broadcast (simultaneous transmission of same message) or controlled mode (i.e., specific unit addressing).


Wireless Gateways

Wireless Gateways connect to popular process control and automation Data Buses and convert I/O information to ELPRO’s proven WIBnet™ wireless protocol.

Our innovative design allows interface between wireless I/O to PLC, DCS and SCADA.