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Aquamonix acquires ELPRO Technologies from Eaton

July 10, 2018



This acquisition signals that ELPRO’s 35 year long standing history will continue through continued global availability of its market leading products and services. Aquamonix’s director Wayne Evans said that “We are incredibly excited about ELPRO Technologies. ELPRO’s products are truly world class and the recent release of the Condor product line will further enhance this standing. We look forward to serving our customers globally who have a need for high performance wireless modems and I/O products.”

As with other similar businesses Aquamonix has acquired, the ELPRO team will be revitalising their sales, marketing, product support and bringing new products to market more quickly. We acknowledge the uncertainty that has surrounded this business for the last month and want to make it absolutely clear that ELPRO is now back.

BT Private Lines to be decommissioned.


BT has concluded that a process of network compaction intended to release additional spare equipment capacity for maintenance re-use, will now enable us to continue to support almost all of these products on existing platforms for a further two years i.e. until the 31st March 2020, at which point they, unless otherwise stated in the product specific sections below, will be fully withdrawn from service – i.e. they will cease to be operational after this time. 

BT Says 'We intend to withdraw all remaining currently available retail analogue and KiloStream products as detailed in the sections below from new supply effective 1st September 2016. This is known as the stop sell new (SSN) date and means it will no longer be possible to order new circuits of these types or re-site existing services.'

This spells bad news for utility companies using the BT Private Lines for their communications. 



How can Spotcom Help?

As Spotcom is a Specialist in Telemetry based Applications, we have recently been working with multiple utility companies such as the Water Industry and Energy Companies, providing them with their 'own' systems ready for the changes that will be happening in the next few years.