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Configuration Software for Various Models of ELPRO Radios.

Device Configuration Utility

Compatible Devices:

  • 415U-2-C I/O Gateway

  • 415U-E-C Ethernet Gateway

  • 925U-2 I/O Gateway

  • 115E-2 Ethernet Expansion Modules

  • 215U-2 I/O Gateway

  • 115S Expansion Modules

CConfig V.

E-Series Configuration Utility

E-Series Build 434

Compatible Devices:

  • 105U-1,2,3,4 I/O Modules

  • 905U-1,2,3,4 I/O Modules

  • 505U-K Low Power I/O

  • 105U-L Transmitters and Receivers

  • 105U-G Gateway Units

  • 905U-G Gateway Units

  • 115S Expansion modules

  • 915U-2 I/O Gateway (Legacy Mode)

  • 915U-2 I/O Gateway (Meshing Configuration)

E-Series Build 412 (Legacy Mode)

MConfig Meshing Software

455U-D V.

Wireless Serial Modems

Device Specific Software:

  • 455U-D Wireless Serial Modem

  • 905U-D Wireless Serial Modem

  • 805U-D Wireless Serial Modem

905U-D V.1.60

805U-D V.1.60

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