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Radio Site Survey


The geography of Scotland is varied, from rural lowlands to unspoilt uplands, and from large cities to sparsely inhabited islands. Scotland contains the majority of mountainous terrain in the UK.

With Private Lines and Leased Lines being withdrawn from service Water and Utility Companies are looking for an alternative solution. 

The most commonly available frequencies that are used for Industrial Wireless applications such as 458MHz and 869MHz are great and can achieve distances up to 15 miles, but, with a good path.

So, what happens when we have major occlusions in the path between nodes? Such as a mountain, hill or dense foliage. This is where Spotcom's 60MHz Telemetry excels all expectations. Many years have been spent in research and development, numerous trials and testing have proved we can simply do the impossible. Still, we are surprised with how it performs.

Scotland was an excellent test, with very impressive results here is one example from our Site Survey with one of the biggest energy suppliers:

Scotland radio survey

The image below shows the land plot between the two nodes, with a 180 Metre hill in its path

It was not anticipated to achieve workable results on this link, but the test was a pass.

Radio Survey Scotland 60MHz
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