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925U-2 Wireless I/O and Gateway

925U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O and Gateway

ELPRO’s industrial wireless solutions have 30 years plus of expertise in solving critical industrial applications through our extensive knowledge in wireless I/O, modem and gateway applications. The 925U-2 extends communications to sensors in local, remote, and difficult-to-reach locations.

The 900MHz Unlicensed Frequency Hopping wireless transceiver supports over the-air Ethernet protocols which gives the 925U-2 the power and flexibility to perform reliably in sprawling harsh industrial environments.


Secure AES encryption, advanced IP filtering, multilevel authentication, user access and change event logging features provide the user with the tools to ensure the highest level of data integrity and protection against malicious attacks.


Flexible native Ethernet support provides solutions to connectivity challenges today and in the future. The ELPRO 925U-2 also provides Ethernet and serial gateway support for industrial protocols including Modbus TCP/RTU and DNP3 I/O, MQTT +Sparkplug B.


The Condor series 925U-2 ProMesh™ operates reliably with the challenges of obstructed paths by using automatic path selection to allow the communications network to adapt to changes easily with redundancy.


Compatibility with the legacy 915U-2’s is available with a firmware upgrade.



• 902–928 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) up to 1W RF Power

• 869 MHz wideband up to 500 mW for Europe • Secure data protection with WPA and AES256 encryption

• Full Ethernet protocol over the air provides a standards-based flexibility to support future and legacy devices

• ProMesh automatic path selection and network formation

• Internal user configurable Web dashboard to display I/O and Diagnostics

• IO Plus Logic engine for basic controlling of I/O points

• Supports multiple data rates simultaneously for high performance over short and long communication links

• Over-the-air context-based data compression and forward error correction provides maximum reliability and transmission efficiency

• Redundancy modes for base, repeater, and remote

• Wireless point-to-point or multipoint I/O and gateway functionality

• Modbus TCP and RTU I/O gateway

• DNP3 I/O gateway, including internal status registers

• IoT connectivity with MQTT Sparkplug B Gateway

• Standard Ethernet bridge default to allow modem function for external Ethernet host devices (full L2/ L3 network support)

• Configurable digital, pulse, and analogue I/O to 14-bit resolution

• Gather-scatter/block mapping and integrity checking transmissions for efficient event triggered peer-to-peer I/O

• Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration

• Expandable I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs




• Water and wastewater: flows, levels, pumps

• Renewables - solar farms, wind turbines, hydro

• Irrigation: slew gate controls, levels

• Oil and gas networks: gas well production, lift pump

• Environmental: storm warning, smoke stacks, filters

• Mining infrastructure: conveyor, re-claimer, pumps


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