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Robust Secure Reliable Industrial Radio Telemetry I/O PLC SCADA 868MHz

105U-L I/O Count Transmitter and Receiver Pair

The ELPRO 105U-L-T (Transmitter) and 105U-L-R (Receiver) products feature a small I/O count, one-way and cost-effective communications between field devices.

The 105U-L series products are flexible by design (i.e., pre-configured pairs for ease of commissioning) and may be used in simple to complex, multi-hop repeating networks (in combination with other ELPRO I/O and gateway products).




Flow meter monitoring, Storage tank monitoring, Pipeline cathodic protection, Pump stop-start, Lighting bank control, Power reticulation relay fault notifications, Emergency shower notification, Weather station reporting, Bearing condition monitoring




Unit Specific Features: Input-only I/O: 2 DI/PI (digital inputs can be pulse inputs), 1 AI, 1 TI (thermocouple mV input). Additional internal inputs: set point (analog), power supply voltage, 24VDC, 30mA analog loop supply.


Receiver Unit Specific Features: 


Output-only I/O: 3 digital relay/ 1 analog outputs. Communications failure indication and configurable output (retained or reset/fail-safe on communications failure). LED indication of radio signal strength.



  • 869.525MHz/500mW or 869.875MHz/5mW frequency options.

  • Flexible usage: pre-configured matched transmitter/receiver pair or complex networks via ELPRO

  • I/O and/or Gateway products.

  • Peer-to-peer communications with exception reporting, self-checking of messages via CRC, update time and secure data encryption.

  • Multi-hop repeatability via ELPRO multi-I/O & Gateways products.

Transmitter Features

  • 2 DI/PI (digital inputs can be pulse inputs), 1 AI (4-20mA), 1 TC (thermocouple input -10 100mV).

  • 1 AI 24Vdc, 30mA analog loop supply capable.

  • Additional internal inputs: set point (analog), power supply voltage.

Receiver Features

  • 3 DO (relay outputs), 1 AO (0-20mA/4-20mA).

  • Communications failure indication via configurable output.

  • Receive radio signal strength indication using LED


Spotcom Catalog Numbers: 

ELR77                       EL-105U-L-P1                 I/O Radio Kit: Paired

ELR78                       EL-105U-L-P2                 I/O Radio Kit: Paired

ELR79                       EL-105U-L-P3                 I/O Radio Kit: Paired

ELR80                       EL-105U-L-R-868-500M            I/O Radio (Receiver Only)

ELR81                      EL-105U-L-T-868-500M    I/O Radio (Transmitter Only)

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