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215U-2 Wi-Fi I/O and Gateway

New! 215U-2 Wireless I/O and Gateway

Spotcom is proud to announce the release of the 215U-2 Wi-Fi I/O Gateway solution. The 215U-2 brings a simple web-based user interface, utilizes a standards-based wireless protocol, introduces an innovative networking topology, and is sold at a significantly lower price point. Customers do not need a strong background in networking to set up a 215U-2 system. The 215U-2 can be added as part of a customer’s existing wireless infrastructure. This allows the 215U-2 to be sold through multiple types of channel partners into both process and factory automation applications. It provides unique, cost saving features that not only reduce cost, but allow for reduced panel sizes and a smaller amount of control panels in a customer application.




• WPA2 secure 2.412–2.472 GHz frequency (802.11 b/g) 200 mW RF power

• I/O, Ethernet, or RS-232/RS-485 serial data and Modbus RTU/TCP gateway

• ProMesh intelligent communications network protocol

• Provides Wi-Fi hot-spot access to I/O data and dashboard

• Web-based dashboard allows monitoring and control of critical I/O

• Quick back-to-back I/O mode for cable replacement applications

• Over-the-air network configuration

• Expandable digital I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs




• Machinery OEM I/O connectivity in factories—discrete sensors and digital I/O (e-Stops)

• Water and wastewater plant applications—flow and level sensors

• Oil and gas remote well sensor monitoring

• Electrical control panel hot-spot for remote monitoring of meters and control through PLC extension



Spotcom Catalog Numbers: 

ELR109                   EL-215U-2-BGN                  I/O-Gateway Radio: Basic Unit 2.4GHz

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