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915U-2 Wireless I/O and Gateway

915U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O and Gateway

Gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult‑to‑reach locations. Designed with a long‑range, license‑free wireless transceiver, the 915U‑2 can provide IP‑based mesh networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications.

Capable of ad‑hoc mesh networking, roaming and discovery, as well as deterministic mesh, the 915U‑2 can serve as an end node, a routing node, or a network gateway. Scalable to thousands of nodes, its gather‑scatter and block mapping technology offers efficient utilization of network resources and eases integration into complex monitoring and control systems. Integrated Modbus® server capability allows further I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S expansion modules.




• 902–928 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) up to 1W RF Power

• 869 MHz wideband up to 500 mW for Europe

• Self‑healing IP‑based wireless mesh networking

• Multi‑hop repeater and gateway functionality

• Web-based dashboard allows monitoring and control of critical I/O

• Quick back-to-back I/O mode for cable replacement applications

• Over-the-air network configuration

• Expandable digital I/O for local alarms and inputs/outputs




• Machinery OEM I/O connectivity in factories—discrete sensors and digital I/O (e-Stops)

• Water and wastewater plant applications—flow and level sensors

• Oil and gas remote well sensor monitoring

• Electrical control panel hot-spot for remote monitoring of meters and control through PLC extension



Spotcom Catalog Numbers: 

                   EL-915U-2-869-EU                  I/O-Gateway Radio: 869MHz 5mW/500mW

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