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415U-1 Condor Series

Battery Powered Wireless I/O

The 415U-1 provides asset owners with new opportunities via the smart battery and I/O monitoring technology.


With over 35 years of Industrial Wireless expertise, the 415U-1 provides asset owners with new opportunities via the smart battery and I/O monitoring technology. Designed with the Condor series long-range, high data speed radio, the 415U-1 has the power and flexibility to perform reliably in sprawling harsh industrial environments.

The 415U-1 easily integrates into existing 415U-2 and 415U-E Condor Series systems feeding into IIoT networks or into Greenfield applications where monitoring of I/O Data is required which has not been possible before due to no power being available or too costly to integrate solar solutions.



  • Tailings leakage and movement detection

  • Pipeline monitoring for Environmental protection  

  • Wellhead monitoring

  • Remote I/O connectivity with no fixed power available

  • Sewage outfall monitoring

  • Flood Warning

  • Groundwater monitoring

  • Metering usage

  • Automatic Weather Station

  • Detection and Indication of Flooded Roads

  • Water Quality and Environmental

  • Rainfall monitoring



  • Extremely low power remote I/O monitoring

  • Integrated Wireless, I/O, Charger, Regulator and battery in the one water proof unit

  • Supports Lithium, Lead Acid or fixed power sources

  • Licenced/licence-free VHF/UHF radio transceiver

  • Flexible weatherproof enclosure design allows for simple installation for cabinet or outdoor situations

  • Enhanced security for both cyber and data transmission

  • Two Analog inputs (4-20mA) with separate internally generated configurable 24V loop supply

  • 4 Discrete inputs or Pulsed Inputs

  • Flexible configuration of I/O

  • Monitoring and reporting of Radio status

  • SDI-12 Interface for Smart Sensors such as ice, wind, level, ground moisture and weather station applications

  • Innovative power management system including integrated smart solar regulator, internal or external battery, external power options

  • Direct wiring to internal junction box through M20 entry

  • Tough Aluminium enclosure

  • Compatible with the ELPRO Condor Series product range


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