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Robust Secure Reliable Industrial Radio Telemetry I/O PLC SCADA

805U-E Wireless Ethernet Modem

The 805UE is an ideal solution for Ethernet connections in process control and automation applications – PLC’s, DCS, SCADA, data acquisition.  Up to 76.8 Kbps wireless data.  869 MHz 500mW license-free.  Suitable for Europe (license-free), South Africa (license-free).




PLC Communications, Data logger communications, Serial and Ethernet communications, Agriculture sprayer control, Water/waste water systems, SCADA networks



  • 802.11, 869MHz fixed frequency for licensefree use in Europe and South Africa.

  • Single channel 868.525MHz, 500mW (10% duty cycle factor) or 869.875MHz, 5mW (100% duty cycle factor), up to 72kpbs (configurable) throughput to conform to European regulatory compliance.

  • Bridge/ Router, Access Point/ Client functionality configurable, reducing inventory costs.

  • Serial client/ server/ multicast functionality (point-point; point to multi-point) with simultaneous use of RJ45, RS232, RS485 ports.

  • Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU Gateway/Modbus Master for I/O transfer with additional slave I/O via ELPRO’s 115S expansion units.

  • Spanning Tree (self heal) functionality.

  • Encryption to 128 bit AES military grade.

  • MAC address/ IP filtering reducing network traffic.

  • Online network diagnostics/ configuration.

  • Onboard DI/O channel (failure/ external status).



Spotcom Catalog Numbers: 

ELR28    EL-805U-E-868-500M           Ethernet Modem: 5mW / 500mW, 76.8kbps



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