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At Spotcom we pride ourselves in using the Highest Quality Equipment, Antennas are no exception. Antennas are one of the main factors to keep a reliable and robust Radio Network.

CA-antennas are typically IP67 water and dust proof due to unique lightweight but robust mechanical construction where all the electromechanics are moulded inside of closed cell PU-foam and glass fibre or ABS-plastic covers.

The dielectric loading caused by water, snow and ice on the surface of the radiator is minimised by enclosing the radiator within a dielectric radome. The relative thickness of the dielectric is bigger at high impedance parts of the radiator.

Thin tapered radiators have integrated impedance compensation for optimum combination of small physical size and wind load combined to a broad bandwidth with excellent VSWR-characteristics.

The feed point is DC-shorted protecting the devices connected to the antenna circuit.

Integrated RF-choke prevents the unwanted feedline radiation.

Completech Antenna Yagi 458 868
Completech Dipole Antenna 458 868MHz
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