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Configuration Software

Serial Radio Modems- RS 232/ RS485 (UK Models)


EL 805U-D



869 MHz band, Transparent and Controlled modes of operation (multi-drop emulation or "dial- in" P-P connection). Range to 5 Km, DIN Rail mount,10-30V operation.

Superbly noise immune for industrial/ utility quality communications.






EL 455U-D

58-72 MHz, 148-174 MHz, 450-470 MHz, Licenced or Licence free operation. Protocol support, dedicated diagnostic/programming port.11-30 VDC, battery back-up charging for 12 V Gel battery. Digital output (useful for remote power switching on solar or battery remote sites). Separate RS232 and RS485 ports, which may be cross mapped to give 232 to 485 conversion, or vice versa, across the radio system. As with all Elpro radios, first class bespoke radio design and solid digital protocols make this a prime choice when robust communications are demanded.






Ethernet Wi-Lan + Serial Radio Modems (UK models)


EL 245U-E

2.4 GHz operation for serving applications where data throughput and speed are the primary requirement. The 245U-E supports dual antenna mode ("Diversity"), whereby a high gain antenna may be connected to the receive only port to dramatically enhance the effective range. This is also a vital inclusion for industrial environments to negate the effects of reflections- preventing signal drop-outs and black-spots. The 245 can act as a Modbus server- use the RS 485 comms port to connect to an EL 115S I/O module ( switched to the Modbus mode) to create an easy ModbusTCP to multiple I/O node SCADA system, for example. Bespoke RF circuitry again- expect top performance. Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 ports allow great flexibility in application.




EL 215U-2

WPA2 secure 2.412–2.472 GHz frequency (802.11 b/g) 200 mW RF power

The Eaton ELPRO 215U-2 wireless networking I/O and gateway is an integrated I/O node that extends
communications in sprawling industrial applications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach
locations using standards based 802.11 b/g.
The 215U-2 provides robust/secure two-way wireless communications in extremely challenging indoor and outdoor
industrial environments.

EL 805UE

869 MHz licence free operation gives a range benefit to this Ethernet, RS232 and RS485 radio. Data throughput is limited when compared with standard Wi-Lan devices at 2.4 or 5.6 GHz, so caution is needed with  the application. The 805U-E has filtering facilities to reduce superfluous transmissions. 10 -30 VDC required for power.






EL 450U-E.

Things get interesting with the 450U-E. This radio carries Ethernet, RS232 and/or RS485 using a far lower carrier frequency, licenced or licence free. This enable far greater range and penetration for signals- but at a cost- the data rate is  reduced. However, many- if not most- industrial applications simply do not require big data rates, needing only a handful of bytes transferred, but reliably. The 450U-E contains enhanced filtering facilities to optimise traffic, by stopping multicasts and broadcasts from superfluous devices occluding air time, and leaving the radios to concentrate on the job in hand. This radio is equipped with a host of advanced features including Modbus server ability and even has an analogue input. Presently available in 360 to 512 MHz forms. 9 to 30VDC supply required. The form of this radio makes it ideal when planning a migration from legacy serial devices to Ethernet, allowing connected serial PLC's to be exchanged for Ethernet with relative ease, depending upon the protocol in use.





Telemetry Radio Modules


EL 105U-1,2,3,4.

Hugely popular with the water industry in particular, the 105 series I/O modules are available with a number of I/O configurations, enabling the appropriate module to be selected for the node. Further I/O can be added by connecting the 115S expansion modules. As with all of the Eaton/Elpro radios, configuration is straightforward and allows huge flexibility in the topology of the system, which may be a simple point to point setup, or a double digit count of nodes with inputs mapped to be output anywhere they are needed. Digital status, Pulse counts (metering) and analogues (4-20mA) are transferred with the highly resilient and flexible Elpro WIB protocol, by encrypted digital packet radio transmissions. The modules are flexible in their power needs, and incorporate a solar regulator for charging a connected 12 Volt Gel backup battery, which is also charged when the main (15 to 30 VDC or 12-24VAC) supply is present.

The 105U-1,2,3,and 4's are available in licenced or unlicenced forms, 148-174 MHz, 360 to 512 MHz, and 869 MHz for the UK (other frequencies are available). This "rustic" form of data transfer is often preferred by utilities, as, with the aid of the diagnostic LED indicators, system troubleshooting is simplified, reducing down time.






EL 105U-G series.

Developed to work with the "standard" 105U-1,2,3,and 4's, along with the El 505 and 105U-L series Telemetry modules. The "G" stands for Gateway- these devices, available in a number of variants, are designed to allow connection direct to a SCADA controller or PLC. Modbus TCP, Ether IP, Serial Modbus, Profibus and DF1 are amongst the protocols catered for. Often employed at the system "head end", the have another valuable use- allowing the information to flow between dis-similar system protocols. So a Modbus system can now share data with a Profibus system, and a DF1 system on the other side of the site... and a few stray I/O's could be picked up on the way with standard 105's, 505's or 105U-L's !







EL 105U-L T and R

The L stands for "light". These modules are either a receiver ("R") or a transmitter ("T"), working in the licence free 869 MHz band. The transmitter module has two digital inputs and  an analogue 0-20 mA input, and the receiver has 3 digital outputs and an analogue. The usual Elpro radio quality and reliability but very cost effective for less demanding applications. These modules can be used with the standard 869 MHz 105's, 505's and "G" modules.

The 105U-L's are also available in pre-configured kits, allowing for the transfer of two digitals and an analogue with set-point digital output to be transferred, with minimum installation time. Depressing the button on the front panel of the "R" turns the front panel LED's into a signal strength indication for 5 seconds before reverting to status indication.







EL 505U-2 (458 MHz) and 505U-K (869MHz)

Many remote sites have no power- the 505 telemetry transmitters are designed to be superbly power efficient, allowing for battery or solar operation. Two digital inputs (both can be used for pulse counts) and an analogue 4-20 mA input are provided. An internal generator provides the stimulus supply for the analogue loop, switching on at a programmed time before a measurement, and switching off again to conserve power. On completion of the programmed measurement/ reporting cycle, the 505 goes back to sleep mode, consuming just 120 micro Amps. IP65.







EL 115S-11, 12, and 13 Expansion I/O modules.

Three different models, with differing I/O configurations to suit the node's requirement. These modules run either the Eplro WIB protocol to form an independent I/O network and work with the 105's, or can be switched into the Modbus slave mode, when a Modbus Master device is available in the system. The modules communicate via RS485, making them compatible with all of the Elpro Radio Modems and all of the 105 series, except the 105U-L's. As with the radios, a full suite of diagnostic LED's allows operators to keep an eye on things, and allows for easy diagnostics if ever the system misbehaves.












415U-2 Wireless I/O and Gateway.

Ethernet, Serial, Analogue and Digital I/O all in this one fully-featured  radio module. DNP-3, Modbus TCP/RTU, and Elpro's WIB protocol,  but with mesh capability enables use for humble point to point or in systems with thousands of nodes. Licenced or Licence free versions available.

3G and 4G Cellular Modems


615M-1 and 645M-1 Cellular Modems & IP Routers

The ELPRO 615M-1 3G cellular modem and 645M-1 4G/LTE cellular modem are powerful Multi-Service Provider Cellular Broadband Routers that deliver wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN connections and one serial port through public cellular networks at 3G and 4G/LTE network speeds. UMTS technology leverages high-speed HSPA to provide data access at speeds up to 14.4Mbps with backward compatibility to GSM's EDGE and GPRS. CDMA technology leverages high-speed EV-DO Rev A to provide data access at speeds up to 3.1Mbps with backward compatibility to EV-DO Rev 0 and CDMA 1 x RTT. It provides real-time redundancy between Carriers in case of a network failure, reliable connectivity for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Ethernet web cameras or any other Ethernet connectivity device. The ELPRO cellular modems feature an integrated DHCP server, port forwarding and port mapping capabilities.
The perfect solution for remote monitoring and control of critical customer assets, using reliable and proven cellular network technology. 





Antennae, Cables, Masts, Lightning Protection, Power supplies, Hardware.


Spotcom can provide the full suite of requirements for your system. Antennae and cable/protection systems are every bit as important as the radio selection- we are happy to advise, and are established agents for a number of antenna manufacturers. Cables assemblies can be provided as specified, minimising installation time. 






Elpro 805U-D
Elpro 455U-D 60MHz
Elpro 245U-E

EL 115E- Ethernet I/O Module.

This device provides the facility to gather analogue voltage or current Inputs, digital status's, pulse counts, and even thermocouple inputs- and to provide outputs - using Ethernet for communications. Directly compatible with the 115S, there is no practical limit to the I/O count, and the units can readily be used with all of the Ethernet radios from Elpro.

But, best of all- you can simply plug them in to an available LAN port via their RJ 46 socket, and use the existing infrastructure to provide the communications between modules, or between the MODBUS master and the 115E/115S units.

Elpro 805U-E
Elpro 450U-E
Elpro 105U
Elpro 105U-G
Elpro 105U-L
Elpro 115E
Elpro 415U-2 Wireless
3G 4G Modem Elpro
Elpro 215U-2

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