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Site Survey Kit

Radio Site Survey, site survey, radio survey

Bespoke Site Survey Equipment, for use in all Industries within the UK and Ireland.

The Radios used are the Elpro 455U-D or 805U-D depending on the frequency needed and are mounted on a Din-rail for easy swapping of Radios.

Lightning Protection/Filters are included for the Frequency required. 

Fitted with a non-spill Yuasa 12V, 7Ah Battery with an included 0.8A CTEK Charger makes this Survey Kit incredibly portable. 


It is housed in a Rugged IP Rated case with an externally mounted BNC Connector. 


Antennae, Aluminium Telescopic Mast and Tripod are included along with 10M of Coaxial Cable.

Frequencies Available:

60, 150, 220, 360–512 MHz (455U-D)

868.525 MHz (805U-D)


The free software provided, 455UD Configuration Utility is Extremely easy to use.

It provides all the information needed to make sure the path is suitable for a Radio Link.


BER (Bit Error Rate) Test - This shows signal level, Errors and Missed packets.

RSSI - Shows the background noise to establish the Fade Margin.

Transmit power and other settings can be changed over-the-air to eliminate the need of going back and forth to sites to make changes.

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